What is Wine Travel Chile?

Chile's Boutique Wine Travel Company specializes in tailor-made tours. Founded in 2002, we built our reputation by organizing hand-crafting and creative journeys through Chile 11 wine valleys.

Our bilingual team has years of experience in arranging, operating, and guiding high quality trips. The people who embark on our tours have the chance to travel outside of Santiago, visit beautiful wineries, enjoy great views and stunning scenery, regional cuisine, visit local villages, and taste the most delicious wines in each valley.

Wine Travel Chile is all about the passion and the spirit of sharing our wonderful country with others, and its fantastic wine and food, luxury lodging, warm local people, harvest activities and numerous opportunities for walking, biking and horseback riding. Every day will be a unique experience, giving you many great memories to take home and giving you a good reason to return.

Who we are

Our multidisciplinary team comprises professionals of the highest level, with experience in Chile and abroad.


Karen Gilchrist
With extensive experience in tourism development, marketing and communications in Chile, France, and the United Kingdom, Karen saw the opportunity to build a boutique Tour operator company around the fascinating worlds of wine, fine gastronomy and the natural beauty of Chile.

Karen Gilchrist is a graduate of the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences of the Sorbonne University in Paris and the holder of diplomas in wine tasting, tourism and marketing from the London Chamber of Commerce and the British Industry Examinations Board, accomplishments during her eight years of residence in Europe. Her experience in connection with wine routes in USA (California, Oregon and Long Island), France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.

Karen organized Chile's first ever Carmenere event, which was attended by the national and international press. In addition to guiding she is also a wine tourism consultant in Chile and abroad, a freelance columnist with a number of wine trade publications.


Pascual Ibáñez
A sommelier with studies completed in Spain. Member and founder of the Sommeliers Association in Chile. Organizer of the Sommeliers school. Panellist for the Chilean Wine Guide.
A wine and gastronomy critic and columnist for a number of prominent specialized publications, Pascual Ibáñez has officially represented Chile in wine-related matters abroad.

Margaret Snook – Food & Wine Writer
North American anthropologist and long-term resident in Chile, where she turned her passion for fine wine and great food into a career. She holds a Diploma in Chilean Wine and is an active member of the Chilean Association of Sommeliers. She is a permanent member of major national and international wine tasting panels and writes on food and wine for specialized magazines and web sites.

Marketing: Katharina Kastowsky
Broad experience in marketing and communications in major national and international companies in several sectors of industry.
Katharina has a traveller's spirit and a curiosity which have led her to explore the Middle East, Europe, and America.
Katharina's mission is to use her experience in communications to encourage the travelling spirit of anyone who approaches Wine Travel.

Events Producer: Rosa Elena Aravena
Rosa Elena´s experience in executive television production and her professionalism have taken her to the top of a major events production company in Chile.

Guide: Lisa Barra
An English teacher with a degree from the University of Concepción in Chile. She has experience in the hotel sector as a director of marketing and public relations.
Lisa has lived in the United States and Puerto Rico and has extensive experience of travelling in Europe and the Middle East.

Editorial Content: Patricio Rojas
Specialized reporter and editor with the Chilean wine magazine Placeres, Patricio Rojas is a columnist and consultant of high repute among prominent national and international media.

Photographer: Fernando Gomez
A photographer experienced in matters of wine and gastronomy and a contributor to major books on Chilean wine and to the specialized magazine Vinos y más (www.fgomez.cl).

Specialized mountain tours: Franz Schubert
An Austrian with ten years' experience as a mountain guide in different parts of the world. In 1993 he settled in Chile to start up his own mountain tour company and establish a guest house 250 km. south of Santiago, near the city of Talca.
He is the author of the first adventure guidebook for Central Chile "Adventure Handbook Central Chile" www.trekkingchile.com.

Specialized Ornithology Tours: Gonzalo González
An agricultural engineer, ornithology guide, he has travelled throughout the Chilean Altiplano, central zone, Argentina and Atlantic islands for bird watching. A member of the Board of Directors of the Chilean Ornithologist Association from 2000 to 2001. He is currently working as a co-author of a Field Guide of Chilean Birds.


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