About wine travel Chile

About Wine Travel Chile

Wine Travel Chile specializes in tailor-made wine-and-food-focused tours. Karen Gilchrist founded the company in 2002, when she returned to Chile after living in France and England for 8 years. While abroad she had the opportunity to learn about great wines and travel to the most important wine regions in the world.
We have built our reputation by crafting creative, tailor-made journeys through the best wine regions in Chile and Argentina.

Wine Travel Chile is all about the passion and the spirit of sharing wonderful wine regions with others along with fantastic wine and food, luxury lodging, warm local people, harvest activities and numerous opportunities for walking, biking and horseback riding.

Every day is a unique experience, giving you many great memories to take homeā€”and a good reason to return.

Happy Travels & Salud!

Karen Gilchrist

founder and trip planner

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